Google Yourself challenge (class assignment)

In my digital communications class, we did the “Google Yourself” challenge. After looking at the rules/tips for Googling yourself, I proceeded to go to the search engine and let it stalk me.

The point of this exercise was to see whether our digital footprint/tattoo was positive or negative, or whether it existed at all. What I found was… almost nothing.


After searching just my name, I found out that a photographer has my name. I didn’t look at their photography, nor did I care, but it was semi-interesting nonetheless. After typing in the city that I live in, along with my name, “Undisclosed Undisclosed, Undisclosed,” I found only my Facebook profile and my staff profile/stories from my high school newspaper’s website.


Now, onto my reflection about my digital footprint. We were asked whether our digital footprint is positive or negative. After what I saw, my digital footprint doesn’t seem to positive or negative, for the most part. My Facebook profile didn’t really have much. Some music and posts about video games, occasionally some stuff about anime and other subjects, but nothing that lifts me up or puts me down. I don’t know if that’s good or bad. I could always try and put stuff on Facebook that could make me seem like a better person, because that could help me get a job or get into college.


Searching my online persona brought up an account on World of Warcraft. As I’ve never played WoW, this wouldn’t affect me if my employers decided to take the time to search my online persona. If I DID play WoW, that would probably lower their opinions of me.


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